Seller Financing?

I had a couple of calls this week from prospective Buyers who were “looking for owner financing” or Seller Financing and I thought I’d address it here.

Why owner financing? Typically it’s for one of two reasons.

1) The property will not qualify for conventional (typical ) financing types. Usually this is because of poor property condition, irregular property type or age (in the case of mobile homes pre-1976).

2) The Buyer will not qualify for conventional financing.  There are a lot of scenarios that can preclude a Buyer from qualifying for a typical loan but usually it’s related to credit or income verification.

For details I highly recommend you read the following article from on Seller Financing. is a great resource for personal legal information… Easy to read format and no nonsense. Of course there is no substitution for personalized legal counsel so you should always check with your personal attorney for specific legal matters.

Til next time… May all your deals be easy ones!

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